• In order to ensure that you won’t miss the preferred party time, we require a non-refundable deposit of 20% within 5 days of receiving the reservation email.
  • Payment in full is required on entry to your party.
  • At all times, NO ALCOHOL or DRUGS are allowed inside or outside the Playcentre.
  • We provide 30 minutes before and after the party for set up and pack down. We can arrange for you at 9:00 a.m. (early morning party time) at the earliest because before that, we are busy preparing for your party.
  • We take great pride in offering a clean and well-maintained centre, therefore we request that kids and adults attending the party take their shoes off at the reception. For health and safety reasons, Anti-slip socks are mandatory.
  • A gentle reminder that an adult should be responsible for the safety and behaviour of their children at all times.
  • we are very aware of how fatal food allergies can be, hence we request nut-free Birthday cakes for the special day.Please note: there is to be nothing hung on any walls in any party room or in the centre. There is also no helium allowed due to our open ceiling and electrical wiring in the roof. Any damage incurred will be at the expense of the person hosting the party. This includes our in hours parties also.

    – There is absolutely NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS permitted in or outside of the centre at any time. If anyone attends the centre intoxicated or having consumed alcohol or drugs they
    WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE. If anyone is found inside the centre with any form of alcohol or drugs, they will be asked to leave immediately. The centre is very strict on this policy.

    – Each host is responsible for the behaviour of all guests. This includes our in hours parties also. There is to be absolutely NO FOOD OR DRINK TAKEN INTO OUR PLAYGROUND!! If anyone is not following Little Sandpipers conditions of entry then they will be asked to leave.

    – Little Sandpiper will NOT accept any forms of aggression or abuse from any guests. We ask that hosts of parties please inform your guests of all rules, including parents and carers being required to remove their shoes and wear socks. The host is to make sure all of their guests are following our conditions of entry or the guests will be asked to leave.

    – Open flames and their equipment are NOT permitted during the party, such as hot buffet trays, portable stoves or anything requiring an open flame to heat or cook food.

    – Customers are responsible for all cleaning, the removal of all rubbish, food, drinks, decoration items etc once the party is finished.

    – Customers MUST be aware of the time. Please note that the two hours hire of our facility includes your set up and complete pack down of your party. We allow entry a half hour before the designated time of your party for the host to set up. Any time spent over the two hours will incur an hourly fee of $300.00. This is non-negotiable. Please be aware on the night that the end of the two hours is when your guests must be gone and your party completely packed up and cleaned before leaving. If you and your guests are here over the allocated party time, you will be charged $300.00 for a full hour which will be automatically taken from the card details we have on file. If there are any signs of aggression or refusal to pay in regards to this, the police will be called immediately and it will then become a legal matter. Please take this into consideration when planning your party.


    – Little Sandpiper is required to hold credit/debit card details upon booking. This is for security reasons in relation to overtime and damages.

    – Customers with exclusive venue hire are responsible for providing their own food, drinks, decoration items etc. Due to the limited number of staff, we will not be able to move or place any chairs or tables or any other items for customers.

    – Exclusive venue hire – Please note:
    The hire of our venue DOES NOT include a party host, nor anything that is inclusive of our other party packages. The cost is for the hire of the venue and up to 40 children only. For the exclusive venue hire, only one room will be provided (Yellow – Melbourne), otherwise additional cost applies. All of our everyday rules and conditions of entry apply to every person entering our centre.

    Little Sandpiper staff have the right to remove any persons not following our conditions of entry or showing any aggression towards our staff.

    – Customers are responsible for all cleaning, the removal of all rubbish, food, drinks, decoration items etc once the party is finished. This includes:

    – returning all furniture that may have been moved to exactly how it was found. No furniture is to be removed from any of our other rooms!

    – cleaning of party room(s) and any other mess that has been made in the centre.

    – wiping down tables, sweeping and mopping the floor and the complete removal of any rubbish from the party room and centre. NOT TO BE LEFT OUTSIDE THE CENTRE!

    If this is not done there will be a cleaning fee incurred and taken from the card left on file. – For Exclusive parties.

    – Due to the limited number of staff, if party guests would like to play our gaming machines, the centre is to be informed a minimum of two days prior to the party. This allows us time to make up all cards with tokens. This in for hours party’s.


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